Bringing inaccessible talent to market while letting the individuals realize their dreams.

  • Our Past

    An Idea is Born

    It all started when one of our founders needed some flexibility at work timings to care of the kids. When she was refused that flexibility she quit her job and did what is best for the family. But she knew she had superior skills, and soon she learned many others were in similar situations. What if we can bring that talent to the market?

  • Our Past

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Her idea materialized with few friends signing up and few local companies squeezed for new type of talent, willing to work with them. It soon grew into many projects with many companies.

  • Our Present

    Full Service Organization

    Realized Concepts now offers a wide spectrum of services to many different organizations while being socially responsible.

  • Our Future

    A Global Platform

    Our vision is to offer a global platform for the modern talent and organizations which are increasingly more agile, less organized and more cutting edge.

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