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Marketing, SEO, Vendor management...yes it is a big list! But we got you covered. You have one question or you have one full project...we can help you in any scenario.

Legal Services

Have a question about software license? Want to register your company? Intellectual Property disputes? We have experts who can connect the dots and let you see the full picture.


We offer many different kind of one off services that a traditional consulting company doesn't. Explore more...

Explore our promises!

Learn how we have something unique for everyone.

Seasoned Executives

Continue doing what you are doing now, yet be part of something new!

Home Makers

Engage your skills while being in touch with what matters to you!


We believe you! Not all wanderers are lost!


Learn how we can help big corporations like yours.


Concentrate on creative work and leave everything else to us..

Home Office

Free up your time and make it less office and more home!

Realized ConceptsInspired by & for the modern talent & organizations

Did you know that Megan is a excellent graphic designer but available only from 11am to 5pm?
John was a CFO and now available for consulation parttime!
Maya is staying home for the family...but has execellent accounting skills.
Kumar runs his own business! But he loves to get in the workplace every few weeks in couple of months.