Realized Concepts

Services delivered differently

Realized Concepts is leading the way with all things about delivering services ‘differently’ with focus on providing a creative solution with our flexible resource pool and workforce spread through different geographies.

Core focus of our solutions and service offerings are to meet your goals with faster time to market solutions, partner with you to provide coverage during work surges and off-time support and getting the right skills at the right time that are cost effective! Ultimately, we enable customers to become high performance businesses and grow!

Why Realized Concepts?

We understand our forte and also yours! We want our customers to focus on their core competency and partner to bring in culture of flexibility, collaboration and high profitability.

Key Differentiators:

How are we different?:
  • A team of Rockstars with diversified and flexible workforce and greater experience to deliver excellence.
  • We listen and collaborate with our customers to earn their testimonials and run a few extra miles to delight you.
  • We stick to our strengths
  • We partner with our customers to meet their goals – “their way”

We offer full spectrum of services in the following domains:

  • Technology
  • Tax and Accounting services
  • CxO services
  • Translation services
  • Marketing services
  • Domain management services
  • And more...

Finding and managing talent is costly! Yet you need superior talent to succeed in some of your projects. We find those one off, hard to find skills and bring them to you.